esn delft

what is esn?

To the extent that you can call my period at ESN Delft a project, I will lead you through this story in a chronological order and what my role was at ESN Delft. So by now you should hopefully already know that ESN stands for Erasmus Student Network and is one of the biggest student bodies in Europe. They help students to integrate on the social and personal level. The local ESN sections offer help, guidance and valuable information to both exchange students and students doing a full degree abroad.

how it all started

During my study abroad at the Middle East Technical University (which you should’ve known if you read my cv) in Ankara I got in contact with the ESN section there, basically everyone who went there for their study abroad came in contact with them as they were everywhere; from helping students to find a room to organising great activities and events. One of the reasons I enjoyed my time so much abroad was because of this particular organisation. Once I got back in Holland, a friend of mine who also did her minor in Ankara thought about starting an ESN section in Delft because it didn’t exist yet (strangely enough).

the first event

So we came together and another friend also had the same idea together with 2 others. February 9th 2015, we organised our first event which was called the social drink, expecting no one to show up… 25 people showed up to the café ‘to just have a drink’. At that moment we knew people had been waiting a long time for something like ESN to be present in Delft. Our second social drink got even more people and after that, we named the event ‘Weekly Social Drink’ which still exists until now.

the birth of esn delft

One other friend joined us and we were with a total of six board members which consisted of a president, culture coordinator, activities coordinator, treasurer, secretary/vice-president and a PR coordinator. Obviously I fulfilled the role as PR coordinator. My role was to take care of the marketing, promotion and relations with ESN Delft. The first thing a company needs is a logo (well, maybe a name but in this case we didn’t need to come up with a name as we were going to be part of the network), so a logo was designed. The logo needed to be recognizable and in design means also applicable to various stuff. I came up with ideas of using the library of TU Delft or using the iconic Delft tiles.

After a brainstorming session I decided to implement the Girl with a Pearl Earring by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (obviously from Delft). Besides it’s a very iconic and recognizable painting; it’s a very appealing piece of art and attracts attention. Likewise, it needed to be a logo that could be used on every piece of promotional material and was also allowed by the network on international level.

The final logo for ESN Delft

We started as a candidate section for ESN, which means you’re not fully approved yet as an official section. So before we were really the founders of ‘ESN Delft’ there was a lot that needed to happen, partly with the help of the network and Delft University of Technology. Being the PR coordinator of ESN Delft, I had to take care of all promotional material which consisted of our business cards, social media, T-shirts and everything else.

Board of ESN Delft


Below are some flyers made for events and activities. In the beginning al kinds of different flyers were created for a certain theme. In a later stage it was preferred to have these somehow more recognizable (as the company grew and more people started joining our events). More flyers can be found on the advertisement page.

Sport Day - ESN Delft -
City Trip Utrecht - ESN Delft -
Social Drink Pub Quiz - ESN Delft -
General Flyer - ESN Delft -
Pancake Trip - ESN Delft -
Indian Special - ESN Delft -
Wooden Clog - ESN Delft -
Pearl Awards - ESN Delft -


A few photos shot at events and activities during 1.5 year at ESN Delft. More photos can be found on the Facebook page of ESN Delft

Pancake Trip - ESN Delft -
Indian Special - ESN Delft -
Indian Special - ESN Delft -
Pancake Trip - ESN Delft -
Indian Special - ESN Delft -
Pancake Trip - ESN Delft -
Indian Special - ESN Delft -
Wooden Clog - ESN Delft -

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