Sketching can be used for many cases. It can be used as a brainstorming tool within groups and to create several concepts within a few minutes. You know a picture’ s worth a thousand words: it can really help explaining to the client how a system or an entire concept works. Besides that it can also be used to make a final sketch of a product to show to a client or a semi-final sketch that can be used in a later stage in Photoshop.

Full Width Sketches - pherkan

A drawing/sketch of a so-called visual thinking session. It shows the process of what a design company could offer their client to get to a final product on the market. After performing an internal and external analysis and doing market research a design vision is being created. After that comes the concept design phase which consists of ideas and eventually a few chosen concepts. Once a concept has been chosen, the model (or even a service) is being sent/shown to the client. Click on it to enlargen the picture.

Visual Thinking Black/White - pherkan
Visual Thinking - Coloured
Full Width Sketches 2 - pherkan